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Most rural Alaska communities receive fuel for heating, generation of electricity, vehicles and other uses only during summer months when coastal areas and rivers are ice free.  These communities typically store enough fuel to meet their needs for an entire winter.  Many rural bulk fuel tank farms were constructed more than 20 years ago and are in poor condition.  With substantial contributions from the Denali Commission, the bulk fuel upgrades program provides funding for the design/engineering, business planning and construction management services to build code-compliant bulk fuel tank farms in rural communities.

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Bulk Fuel Upgrade Program

In the early 1990s, many rural communities faced the very real threat that they would no longer be allowed to take delivery of fuel in bulk quantities because of the condition of their bulk fuel storage tank farms.  The most common problems were the piping systems to, from and within the tank farms.  The bulk fuel upgrade retrofit and revision program, with financial support from the Denali Commission, provides funding for repairs to enable affected communities to continue to receive fuel.   

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AEA Rural Bulk Fuel Facilities Operator Handbook - The information included in AEA's Rural Bulk Fuel Facilities Operator Handbook expands on, and includes material directly from the Aboveground Storage Tank Operator Handbook, Third Edition prepared by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. The purpose of this handbook is to provide operators of Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) bulk fuel facilities a guidebook and reference manual that describes basic operation procedures for a typical rural community bulk fuel facility. Throughout the handbook are photographs, easy-to-follow diagrams and definitions for major pieces of equipment found in bulk fuel facilities throughout Alaska. The basic operation of the major equipment is described along with the required routine checks and maintenance for the equipment. Links to online resources in the text can be accessed when viewing this manual electronically.