Community Assistance

Bulk fuel storage facilities and electrical generation and distribution systems make up a large part of the infrastructure that is needed for rural Alaska communities to survive and prosper. Alternative energy and renewable resource projects are becoming more widely used as a supplement to rural energy generation. A wide variety of resources must be tapped to develop successful tank farms, electrical projects and alternative energy projects. AEA provides this technical assistance to rural communities by:

 Acting as liaison between the community and funding agencies to ensure support
 Coordinating community involvement in coordination with AEA project managers
 Assisting in grant applications for project funding
 Assisting in project selection
 Assisting communities in the energy issues decision making process
 Serving as a key resource contact for circuit rider program
 Representing AEA at rural forums, meetings and conventions.
 Training assistance and development


For more information, please contact:

Jeffery Williams, PCE Program Manager & Community Assistance
Tel. (907) 771-3046
Fax (907) 771-3044