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Training Program Fact Sheet  

AEA continues to provide training opportunities to local residents for their energy projects and infrastructure. The intent of this training is to ensure that community personnel have the best skills with which to sustain their energy infrastructure in a business-like manner. With proper training, operators will keep their facilities code-compliant.

Training Schedule    

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Power Plant Operator Training

This is the entry level course for power plant operators providing the necessary skills to operate and maintain a power plant. The program includes engine maintenance, troubleshooting and theory, electrical systems and generators, introduction to electrical distribution systems, diesel electric set operation, control panels, paralleling generator sets, load management, fuel management, waste heat recovery, plant management, as well as how to integrate both hydro and wind systems.

Advanced Power Plant Operator Training

This advanced course provides students the necessary knowledge and skills to diagnose and repair failures in power plants. This course will be 3 weeks in length.  Participants will need to have been certified in the Power Plant Operator course prior to being accepted into this course.

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Bulk Fuel Operator Training

This course provides students the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate and maintain a bulk fuel storage facility while complying with state and federal laws. The program includes bulk fuel storage facility construction, facility operations, tank farm inspection criteria, facility maintenance, inventory control, tank farm safety, spill detection and spill response planning: 


Hydro Training

This course trains local operators to ensure that hydro facilities can be sustained over the long-term. The program includes hydro plant overview (including hydrology and fuel systems), operation of all systems involved (hydro, diesel, system voltage control and safe clearance procedures), maintenance of all systems involved (hydro, diesel, reservoir and electrical distribution system) and record keeping. Participants will need to have been certified in the Power Plant Operator course prior to being accepted into this course. 


This course focuses on Power Cost Equalization (PCE) reporting, Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) reporting, bulk fuel loans application process and general accounting practices by which utilities can keep their records and reports current.

PCE Training Video - SD Download
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